Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Flea Market on Wednesday

My to do list is threatening to become the to do list that swallowed New York at this point. This plus two small, dawdling, fighting toddlers is NOT a good mix. Yesterday I was pretty sure I would just have to lie down in the driveway and DIE when it was taking almost an hour to get us all in the car to go to the darn grocery store!

It does not help that for the first time this summer it is 100 boiling degrees and my beloved St Louis is the center of the entire world of controversy right now. It is all anyone thinks, watches, hears, talks about and breathes here at the moment. I am NOT optimistic by nature, but as I grow older I am trying very hard to be. It's something about having kids I think - the need to believe the world is going to be okay. I am feeling maxed out on the nasty right now and I am banning myself from the tv and the internet and everything else for a few days. (I am sure somewhere someone is snarking on that very idea, but sometimes it is all just TOO much.)

Anyway.  Flea market Sunday stuff on a Wednesday.
I might not have bought this fabric but I am searching for large vintage yardages for quilt backs. It was marked 78 inches, not enough for a back, but enough to piece a back. I opened it up after I bought it (oops) and it is less than a yard. Silly me.
There are at least two yards of this, but its a cotton duck, so no good for quilts. I will, however, work for backs/backpacks/things Grant will need for PDO. Soon, I hope that happens soon.
There was another stack of quilt blocks. I have played with laying these out - debated making them my next quilt (I have two done right now waiting for binding), but I am not sure I love them enough to make that happen.  They do not work in this configuration either.

They might be Etsy bound.

Speaking of etsy, if you were asking about the Christmas seals a few weeks ago I have started listing them. It's slow going, but they are getting there.

I have no clue what this is or why I bought it other than it was cheap and cheerful. And I wasn't finding a whole lot to buy.
I did, however, snag another quilt. A very sweet Dresden plate.
With an ice cream cone border.

I really need to swap out the quilt display, but yea, please let PDO happen soon. (Grant has to turn two and I have to scrounge up the insanely high fees). LOL

If you have emailed about the swap - you are in. Do not mistake my lack of response as something other. I wait until we are full to email. There are still 6 spots open. Join us, wont you?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Halloween Swap 2014

Since it is only August 17th, this is sure to offend some of you, but I really want to do this again and I am just too busy here for a short while to think I will get back to the blog much over the next two weeks.
Besides, when I picked these up in TJMaxx this morning I knew I should just go ahead and pull the trigger.

So - Halloween swap time.

(Kim's ornament last year).

I will leave sign ups open until we are full or Sept 1, whichever comes first.

There will be 13 spots open. You will make 13 Halloween/Fall themed projects and send them to me by Oct 1 along with $5 to help cover the cost of return shipping. I will divide them up and you will get back 13 different ornaments. Please do not sign up if you are not serious about following through! Everyone else will already be crafting for you and that is unfair to everyone.

What can you make? Here is a link to my Halloween tree pinterest board in case you need ideas. In general it is *nice* if they can go on a tree, but I am not rigid about that. We have had other very lovely decorations in years past that do not go on my tree. Use whatever materials you want, be creative! 

Don't have a tree? You can spray paint any kind of small Christmas tree any color you want, or you can use a branch like Queen Martha has done.

To sign up
Leave a comment either on this post or on the facebook post that features the blog link to this post. (Is that enough uses of "post" for everyone? ha.) OR you can email me directly at makinprojiks@gmail .com, include HALLOWEEN SWAP as your subject.

Please make sure there is an email address in your comment or attached to your profile if you use the comment route.

Don't worry if I don't reply immediately, it takes me a bit to get everyone's email into a group form so I can email everyone at the same time.

Now go get your pumpkin on!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First day of school 2014

I survived! Another summer down with these three wild things.
 Yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a backyard picnic. 
 Today we put Jack on the big yellow angel and dropped Sammi off in the circle drive for preschool (two days this year!).

 Grant was not at ALL happy about these developments.
 But me?
The house is quiet. The bathrooms will stay clean for 6 hours, the floors are vacuumed, Grant is quietly playing.

But most importantly? I am looking forward to:
some quiet in my head again
some clean in the house again
and time with each child, individually again.  I miss Sammi! My poor middle child has had ZERO just mommy time this summer.

I only have an hour left, so Ginty and I are off to Target. With no fighting kids in the cart! No screaming! No hitting!

Praise Jesus, Amen. :-)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Really flea market? Sunday plus puppets

 The kids watched Curious George yesterday and Jack decided IMMEDIATELY he had to have a puppet show. (This is very unlike Jack.) He scrounged around the house and dug up all the materials, made the scenery and the puppet and the whole thing with no input from us.  This morning we were treated to the puppet show. 
 Of course Sammi wanted a turn.
And so did Grant, which was CRAZY funny.

This is all I bought at the flea market this morning. Feast or famine this year.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Busy work

Oh my goodness, last week was NOT a good week at all around these parts. The kids were insane, the obligation list a mile long and by 9 pm last night I was ready to throw in the towel all around. Oy.

Yesterday I had to take my Dad to the VA for some tests. I knew it was going to mean a lot of sitting (I had no idea that their "3 hours" really meant I would be sitting down there for SEVEN HOURS though).  I rushed around Thursday night prepping a lot of hand sewing projects to take with me.  Turns out I took everything but a SEWING NEEDLE down there with me so I didn't get a single one of them done. Instead I literally just sat there staring at walls for 7 hours. Good times that.  (Actually it made me so crazy mad - I NEVER have kid free time like that! and there I was "wasting" it!)

Anyway, I finished up some of them today:
A pencil pouch for Jack for school since I refused to pay $5 for one in Target (and Jack said he would prefer I made one anyway).  I thrifted this fabric, and I only have a little bit of and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is? It's fairly modern - since 2005 or so I would imagine?  It's hard to find good fabric for stuff for Jack and this stuff is perfect, I would love to find more.
I decided to personalize that quilt I picked up last week for Grant to use.

I am digging the orange and blue together.
And even though it is 2 months away, I made Jack's birthday shirt.

I have Grant's prepped too but I need to hand sew that one.

The coin quilt is taking forever because I keep having to order fabric from the darn internet! 

We are going on a small vacation with my in laws soon and I need more hand sewing to take with me, but I am quickly running out of projects and ideas! (I am clearly way more into machine sewing these days.)  Maybe I need to make a Halloween costume for Grant...


So, that's the week in brief review from our house. Hopefully things were smoother out there in internet land!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Parking it

Brain dump time. :)

Sammi and Grant have started holding hands and hugging and comforting each other and generally being two peas in a pod. It's enough to make you want to have a bazillion more children.
Grant, ever curious, stops to inspect everything - here, ants.

I took Jack to the orthodontist yesterday.  He is getting headgear (I know, what? They still do that? Apparently he wears it at night only and only gets brackets on his very back teeth) for the next 6-12 months.  How is he that old?

We tried on clothes yesterday to see what we have for winter and he has NOTHING. One pair of pants fit. Just one! So just he and I went to goodwill yesterday to do a little shopping for him. I am hoping if we pop in once a week for 6 weeks I can scrounge up enough stuff he likes to outfit him for the year. The local consignment sale is just crap for a boy his age and size.

(Jack took this picture recently and I found it on the camera.) I was in Target this weekend picking up a new set of sheets and the woman in Target said "oh, I bought these sheets, but I brought them back because they didn't match my comforter."  I kid you not, I stood there for the full five minutes while they were trying to get their ipad to work thinking "people have sheets that match?!?!" I mean, my brain knows this, of course it does (and probably a lot of you have matching stuff), but I could not process the concept.

In fact, I think *I* probably had matching stuff once, when I was in my first apartment. But then Rachel Ashwell wrote her first book and I was off and running into never matching floral print land! LOL  (And they were shabby chic sheets I was picking up, heh.)

I am sure this means my children will all live in homes where everything is PERFECTLY matched, right? :-)

We are off to vote and to the bank. Our a/c decided to break at 3 am last night. My house is really showing me who's the boss this year. Sigh.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

 I am still out there slogging away trying to find some decent junk before the season is dead!

After a dud of a yard sale yesterday morning (where they never bothered to open, even though I waited forever and drove forever, ANNOYING), I hit an estate sale that I didn't think held much promise. I left quite happy though!
 A life sized Santa.
 A plain baby quilt.  I can't decide if I should save it to put on Grant's toddler bed...
 Or scavenge the fabric. Stars!
 Awesome glass HUGE glass beads (I am still being picky about anything Christmas).
 This is what's inside...
 this wonderful, large Easter egg.  The blue is amazing. These things just don't photograph well without a kid holding them. LOL

We rounded up the kids and hit the flea this morning.  A few weeks ago I left behind an iron doll bed because the price was just too high.  I thought about it for days though. I tried looking on Ebay. It really was unusual to see an iron doll bed. I LOVE the American Girl Doll Bed for Kit and told myself I could just buy that instead.  And then this week a SECOND iron doll bed appeared for about half the price.  The older man who sold it to me said he had never seen an iron one before, loads of wood ones though. When I confessed I hadn't either until a few weeks ago but that I already had plenty of wood ones he said it belonged with me then. I couldn't agree more!
 This is the print on the mattress. I need to get the detoriating foam out of the inside and try and save the fabric to restuff. It will be an AWFUL job though.
It also had a sweet pillow and blanket, the pillow is covered with an elaborate lace. I don't think the blanket will stand up to any sort of cleaning though and it's pretty well beyond saving.
 I know a lot of the dealers at the flea and this was in the truck wrapping up something from two guys I like who sell what they jokingly call "mantiques".  He laughed when I said I wanted to buy it, but sold it to me anyway. Its a printed quilt, not pieced and here it is still wet and hanging on the fence. (They once sold me a dollhouse and since they never sell that kind of stuff they have remembered me ever since, LOL).

 The biggest score from the estate sale was a HUGE box of never used, full sheets of vintage Christmas seals.
 From 1940 through 1971.

There are like 15 lbs of them. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of them.

Coming to an etsy shop near you soon. :)

Not too shabby of a week!

This is our last week before the kids go back to school. I have almost made it! Wooohoooo!

P.S. We talked about this a little on facebook, but I am doing the Halloween ornament swap again this year.  I will open signups about mid August I think!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Choosing a brand of solid fabric to use with vintage fabrics while quilting

This post will not be very helpful to many of you, but I am hoping it will be helpful to myself in the future, and to others who are madly googling trying to find someone who will recommend a solid fabric to use in combination with vintage (1930s and 1940s specifically) fabrics while quilting.
 First, a peek of my newest vintage fabric, isn't it sweet!

So I finally finished piecing 585 2x3 inch pieces of 1930s/1940s fabric coins. It took a darn long time since I can only really sew for about 30 minutes once a day. (If I am lucky.) When it came time to buy fabric for the sashing I really wanted something just perfect to work with my vintage fabrics.  In my ideal world I would have yards and yards of vintage solids to choose from. Sadly the only solids I have are colored, and I don't have the yardage available for something like this.

I needed 2.5 yards to make the sashing.

My usual source for that kind of fabric is Joann. They do sell Kona now, but I find Kona really thick and heavy and just not really suited for "fine" vintage fabrics. (I do find it works fine with the coarser feedsacks though.) Most of their other solid colored fabrics do not wow me either.

I really want something light and soft and with a tiny bit of the perfect sheen.

So. I googled and googled and googled. I read forums. I asked everyone. No luck.  Then I stumbled on this very helpful post.  I still wasn't able to decide, but I decide to take a rather expensive (for me! I really do not like to spend a ton of money on a hobby) risk and order a bunch of 2.5 yard pieces of different whites to find the "PERFECT" white based on her reviews. After all, I will use the other white fabrics in something for sure and then I will know what white to order for the quilts that are still tumbling in my brain waiting to get out. (I am becoming more than a little obsessed with quilting now.)
 First up-  designer solids in arctic white by Free Spirit Fabrics. Eh, this might as well be Kona to me. Too heavy, too thick of a weave.

 Pure elements solid snow - very soft, very drapey, quite silky, but to me it seems more like blouse fabric.
RJR Cotton Supreme Solids in Ink Blossom - too heavy again.  At this point it was becoming apparent that weight is really the deciding factor in this challenge.
Michael Miller cotton couture solid - I mistakenly ordered "soft white" in this, which is really a winter white instead of a bright white, but it was the immediate winner as soon as I touched it. It is so soft and light and fine. It has a beautiful hand and a tiny bit of sheen and is working beautifully with my precious old fabrics.

My verdict for the best solid fabric to use with vintage fabrics?  Michael Miller Cotton Couture all the way.  I think I might splurge on a color card to see if any of the colors will work. (Color matching old fabrics is a whole different nightmare.)

My next decision is which basting method to try.  Now that I am digging into my more valuable and rare vintage fabrics I am more motivated to really do it RIGHT. My usual pin basting method is just no good on the new Bernina, so I think I am going to give that 505 spray a try.

I will confess, I am more nervous about that than the fabric test though! :-)