Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sammi girl, 3.5 years old

 It was Sammi's turn for updated portraits this week and boy, oh boy, she did NOT want to cooperate. She didn't want to get dressed or get in the car or get out of the car. AND  NO SMILING.

 Her hair was a complete wreck by the time we arrived.  Whatever, I mostly have given up on that stuff with the little two right now.
 Those shoes were her choice, btw. :-) I actually like them with that bright pink dress, but she wanted nothing to do with that dress.
 This is the one I choose. You would hardly know she was being such a pain in the rumpus!
3.5 is, well, three and a half. Full of drama, bossy, opinionated, demanding, complaining. But also - striving for independence and funny and sensitive and caring and learning new things every minute and full of questions and wonder.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vintage strawberry pipecleaner people

We still needed a little bit more red on the strawberry tree, so when Megan mentioned that she had some vintage strawberry people ornaments on facebook I knew that was our last craft!
 They are not very photogenic because their heads are heavy.  I could have done this two ways - add a head or use the strawberry as the head. I figured using the berry as the head would mean embroidering faces and the kids can't quite do that.
 They have flower hats and are holding different things.

 Getting faces on those slippery beads was a challenge for both Sam and Jack.

At least our tree is done! And with a day or two to spare.

Now I need to remake French door curtains since one of mine has shrunk 8 inches after Jack spilled milk all over it.  Never ends, does it? LOL

*I didn't make the berries, I had some vintage fabric berries in the stuff I used for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Grant, 22 months

 I am a few days early, but it felt like time to take a blogging breaking from making things and buying things for some kid cute.
 Two months away from two, Grant is at one of the best ages right now.
 Funny and giggly and becoming independent.
 Helpful and sweet and curious.
A little bit bashful, a little bit bold.

Saying all the sweet things like "nigh nigh", and "knee"(his security blanket) and "button, button" (still loves pushing buttons) and "teef" and "mama!" and "chews" (shoes) and "no diaper!". Counting to three, running to keep up with the others, pretend playing with cars and trains.

Honestly I would like to just bottle him up right this very minute (before the big tantrums and sassing set in). :)

xoxox Sweet boy.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bike rim wreath

I had a linen buyer at the house yesterday and one of my first thoughts was "crap, no wreath on the door right now!"  Weird, I know, but I always have a wreath of some sort.

I saw the bike rim thing on pinterest (of course), but was having a hard time coming up with a rim to use.  When I asked Dave he suggested using one off my childhood bike that is in the basement.  Good idea Dave! No one is using that bike right now.
I didn't want to permanently attach anything to it, so everything is just stuck on with poster putty or wired on with floral wire.  I also didn't want to cut the tails off my precious ribbons, so they are just rolled up and taped to the back of the medallion.
Washi tape + card stock.
It's cute. And different. And it only took about 15 minutes.

My only complaint is that the bolt that goes through the middle makes it not hang flat. You could solve that if you had a rim you were willing to tear up. 

It'll do until a fallish hint is in the air. :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

I actually bought a TON of stuff this week if you are counting pieces. And 98% of it is shop bound, better get busy then, eh?
I bought close to 40 of these beaded patches. Hand made in Japan with heavy glass beads they are amazing little works of art. I am particularly in love with that spider, but there are also butterflies and squirrels and flowers and all sorts of wonderous things.

It's almost Christmas in July! I am still on a quest to find enough of these birds to fill a tree, but they are pricy little buggers.
I probably would have left these behind...
but the snow white fabric had me at go.
Right now this is perhaps the ugliest quilt top EVER.
The feedsack squares are worth saving though. (Why cut them all up only to resew them like this? The mind boggles.)
This has never been used. I haven't plugged it in to see if it works yet though. I have an aluminum tree with no stand, this should work nicely. (Even if I don't plug it in).
Choo Choo! I love this Fisher Price train even though it needs a back wheel on the locomotive. I am hoping Dave can fix it for Grant, who is very into choo-choo right now.

Love the pink and green.
I bought a HUGE box lot of linens that I gave a little peek of on facebook yesterday. (Are you following Makin' Projiks there yet?)  239 pieces!  I only kept a few for myself including this sweet round polka dot tablecloth.
An awesome apron.
The handwork on this is AMAZING.
And this too. These are whisper thin with amazing needlework.
Do you see the butterflies?
These are the finest doilies I have ever seen...

So, not a bad junk weekend and not going to be bad for my shop customers either. (If these kids ever go back to school! LOL)

Happy Sunday to you.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Makin' more strawberries

Our Christmas in July tree was still feeling naked, so more strawberry ornaments were in order.

I cannot for the life of me find the link I used to make these paper strawberries!  Here is another pattern though. (There are a million tutorials out there for them, which I clearly ignored since mine are more triangular. I closed mine with brads, but using ribbons makes a lot more sense, d'oh.)

Fairly quick and easy and super cute.

The kids made cupcakes using some berry themed Martha Stewart craft stuff I have had for years. The nut cups have a strawberry flower on the bottom.  This is just the old pinterest "make a cupcake with a Styrofoam ball" craft.  Sammi's are pink.
Jack's are white with a cherry on top (which was a hot glue mess! do not try to have a kid hot glue something on top of very fluffy glitter).
Then they decided they wanted sprinkles, which lasted about 10 seconds before arguing started.
Or frustration in Jack's case, because he was convinced he could do this with glitter and well, glitter on top of glitter does not work in that way. He sorted that out fast enough (for himself) and declined the use of beads as sprinkles.

The tree could use some bows or something, which I had better hurry up with because Christmas in July is Friday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Estate Sale Tuesday

I didn't even bother with the flea market last weekend. Instead Dave and I went to a couple of estate sales. Since they were right around the corner from my mom's apartment we dropped the kids off and went alone.

Estate sales are awesome, but yea, not so much my speed. It's generally WAY too crowded, too competitive, I don't do the *standing in line* thing, and here they are priced higher than anything other than the antique mall. But lordy, I am getting desperate!
This was pictured in the ad and was the reason I went, I was happy to see it sitting there still.
One of them was billed has having been the estate of a sewer. I only bought two quilt blocks. Most of the fabric was new. (Which I do not understand. How can an older lady only have new stuff and like one or two tiny pieces of old fabric? It's weird to me. Where are the UFOs?)

A tiny tin basket.

I think I see the next Christmas in July tree in these planes!

Little fingers can never resist buttons, can they?
This is what caught my eye in the other ad. Sadly the yellow one was already gone. (I have this version already, although it's in rougher condition).

 A better look at those buttons (this time it was Sammi grabbing at them!)
 There were three pieces of this - likely feedsacks, once a duvet cover.
 This is a feedsack for sure, one of the best ones I own!

I REALLY want to recover a piece of furniture with one of these printed quilts, but they are so thick I am not sure it will work well...

So, the estate sale gig worked out better than the flea market gig, but I am still jonesing for some adventure!