Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving mantle

I have to say this has turned out to be my favorite mantle of the year since I started doing it last year. It's fuller than last year (I found turkey candles and added the pop of orange.)

By Friday I imagine I will start putting up the Christmas stuff.

If kids ever get well that is. Sam has had one thing after the other since Halloween, with fevers, puke, coughs and now a wicked ear infection. Grant is coughing again like mad too. On the way to the doctor yesterday he was trying so hard to say "hospital" and it kept coming out all jumbled. Adorable! I taught him to sound it out and now he says it very slow - hos.spit.al.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Flea market Sunday

This week was my chance at th only thing like a holiday show we have locally. I sort of gorged on vibrate Christmas.

German santas. There was a big one too, but I waffled and waffled and then once I decided I was an idiot he was gone. Oops.
Little sparklies.
Teeny, tiny pine cones. 

Teeny, tiny houses/mangers.
Eek! I die.

 Been looking for these forever, too bad there were no canaries in the box.

Too cheap to pass up.
Somewhere I have more clips I hope will work with these. The candles are metal over a wood dowel. The tips were once very glittery.
Hello big Italian mouse.
Antique feather tree? Yes please!
The sweetest doll quilts ever. No really. Often doll quilts are just left over quilt pieces thrown together. These were made with so much care and thought. 

German Easter scrap.

These are totally ending up as patriotic ornaments.
This is the teeniest tree topper ever.

The Czech ornament group on the right is really awesome. A bird cage! A peacock! An elephant!

I am scrambling to get my sewing room put back together before thanksgiving dinner. Sam is sick again, we've visited Santa, taken turkey photos, had an orchestra concert and so much more. I better get on the blogging wagon this week!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Flea market Sunday

The flea market is all but dead. It's a little sad that it dies just when I start getting overwhelmed with obligations and could really use that mental break!

This is a doll quilt. It's actually white, but of course the sun is gone already.
And this is a crib quilt. Not very well made, but oh so charming, right?

Sammi made a shooting star chalk art while I was busy trying to sell off the remaining shop inventory on Instagram.

And these fabrics were the sum total of what I bought last week.

I am really trying to get the darn shop closed by thanksgiving, but ugh! It's so much work!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mad for plaid vintage quilt finish

A few weeks ago I picked up a quilt top for $5 at a garage sale.

I nearly left it there because it was not super exciting fabric wise, but for $5 I couldn't leave it. While I was waiting for fabric for the leaf quilt to arrive I decided to actually quilt it. It was super wonky and I wasn't sure it would work it out.

But it turned out pretty fab! 

Bonus points for being such a quick project. Should I happen upon any more cheap but perhaps not collection worthy quilt tops I will be buying them. Easiest way to a finished quilt ever.

It had this one odd block in pink. The rest of the blocks are so masculine.

I am trying to bust my stash a bit so as I was digging around I found a huge amount of this vintage fsbric I bought thinking I might make curtains. It has awesome pink houses on it. I thought the pink houses were a fun nod to the lone pink block.

As soon as grant spotted the trains he decided this was his quilt. It was already for him anyway. :)
No quilt of mine is complete without polka dots!

Jack is asking for a new quilt (even though he never, ever uses his...hmmmm.) and I am chewing on a few ideas for another male. Maybe there are more masculine quilts to come before Christmas? First the tree skirt though!

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Autumn maple leaf quilt

Woohoo! Another quilt finish for me.

I saw a maple leaf quilt on Instagram and couldn't start one of my own fast enough. There were several delays waiting on the polka dot field fabric, but otherwise this is all from my stash. (I'm working on using some of it up. So I can buy new fabric of course!)

Quilting on the diagonal was a bit challenging at first, but Pam helped me sort it out (also on Instagram.) 

It's left the end product sort of weirdly stretchy though, and I am not sure how I feel about that.

 I have run out of bamboo batting and had to use cotton. As it turns out bamboo is my favorite. I didn't actually know that until this quilt came out of the dryer. It's much lighter and makes for a thinner quilt, more like my beloved vintage quilts. 
Choosing the binding took a whole day. Partially because it had to work with the fabric on the back and partially because I added the unplanned orange border. Adding a print to the back made this all more complicated. It was a good stash buster, but not sure that's in my long range quilting plans again any time soon.

So, what now brown cow? I actually do NOT have another quilt in the works.

I'm thinking I might make a Christmas tree skirt, which is a good sit on my ass and hand sew project. Things are just so.busy. here all of the time. It's starting to wear on me a bit. 

Speaking of busy - the etsy shop will be permanently closing by thanksgiving.

 Buy it now, because out it all goes soon!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sam in velvet

I thrifted an amazing little orange velvet swing coat for Sammi last week and it called for an immediate little photo shoot.