Monday, May 25, 2015

100 miles of yard sales (with Jack)

So, this year we took Jack along on the 100 mile yard sale (due to his complete inability to behave at home with anyone else in charge, ahem).  It was actually not so bad. He complained a lot about when we were going to be done, but at least he isn't two! LOL

First, some things I did not buy:

A crazily overpriced quilt top.
All the pyrex. Actually there was a lot more.
This very Golden Girls fabric padded mirror *thingy*.
All the cookie jars.
A cute strawberry cross stitch quilt.
All the salt and pepper shakers. A whole trailer full. It would take a whole salt mine to fill them all.
A very sweet cabinet. Actually I didn't even really consider this, but seeing it now I have some regret! LOL
The Waltons lunch box. I love the Waltons. And Dr Quinn. And Little House. But not when calls the heart. I loved the first season, but this new season? UGH.

I did buy:
Loads of pieces of GORGEOUS limoge china. I guess I am back to totally embracing my pink frilly thing. Forget trying to funk it up I suppose.

Some of the serving pieces.
The sweetest hand painted swans.
Totally shabby again. Ahem.
A delphite bowl. I almost screamed out loud.
I think these old clip on ties will be fun at St Patty's Day.
Martha Stewart ornaments from when she still sold all the cute things in K-Mart.
A small haeger duck. Who is blurry. I must've been drunk when I took the photo this close.
SWEET shakers! These have dented lids but will be so cute with all those tiny flowers my littles are always picking for me.
A rainbow of zippers.
A mountain (loads more than it looks like here) of horse ribbons. Horse ribbon everything man!
A delicate hand painted glass...
The St Louis 1893 sold me. (A quarter!)
Some cute books for the not twins.
Oh hi Ginty!
A big boy bed for Ginty. I would've preferred another spindle or Jenny Lind bed, but this was $10 and solid wood. A coat of paint, a sweet vintage decal right about there...that'll do pig.
Random linens.

Fabric and a pillow case. I have decided I could have nothing but these pillow cases and die happy. A whole closet full.
A doll quilt. The other day Sam asked me for doll blankets and when I said they are in your room she replied, "mommy! They are all hanging on the walls!"  Umm, oops.
A very sweet snowball quilt. I left it and then went back for it.

I keep meaning to tell you that if you see a spot like this on a quilt you should know it will turn into a hole when you wash it. I don't know why, and I don't know what makes them, but they always turn into a hole.
The back is the sweetest peach color ever, which is what made me fall in love.

So. This year was better than this sale has been in years! Plus I got to spend some quiet time with Jack and Dave.


**We have 5 people signed up for the patriotic swap, so it's a go. Want to join us?**

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Patriotic swap?

A few people have asked about adding another swap, so how about a patriotic theme?  I am always struggling to find things to hang on our summer feather tree (some day I WILL have those cardboard axes).

I picked these up yesterday and they got my crafty wheels spinning.

A few other patriotic things from the blog:

And one I have always loved from Country Living:
We are a little bit short on time, but I think it will work.

I will just run this the same as Halloween and Valentine's day. You make x number of ornament type items and you will receive the same number in return. (The number will depend on how many people sign up - it will be between 5 and 14. I will tell you the exact number in the welcome email.) Craft with whatever you please.

 If I can get at least 5 participants I will start the swap. I will close the sign up list at 14 participants.

The postage fee will be the usual $5, I can invoice you directly through paypal, so leave your paypal address in your email please. That way you don't have to worry about remembering to put it in your package and the shipping addresses are all collected in one place for me already.

The deadline to have your package to me will be June 21, that gives me a few days to turn them around in time for July 4th.

If you would like to join please email me at Sign ups will close Weds, May 27th. Be there or be square!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Patriotic picnic quilt, or a quilt of valor for my Dad

Yesterday was Jack's award ceremony at school and today is his very last day of elementary school! Whoa Nellie!

He received the Presidential Academic Award of Excellence, which came with a letter from the White House.
How exciting! Way to go Jack.

On to middle school. Yippeee!

A few years ago my dad said he needed a new quilt and would like red stars. He drives for the Amish and tried to find an Amish quilter to make one for him, but the wait list was years long.

I hadn't forgotten the request, but it took me a long time to get back to it.

The kick in the butt was my Aunt always telling me to make him a quilt of valor.

One of the times I was clearing things out of my sewing room recently I found a big stash of vintage red, white and blue gingham.  I knew it was just the thing to finally make my dad's quilt.

And here she is:
I call it the Patriotic Picnic. I hesitate to call it a quilt of valor because while my dad is a Vet, I don't think that would have a good association for him. :/

It's my own design again, and it's bloody huge. Unlike Goodnight Moon, this one was a beast and it challenged me over and over and over again.
From piecing tiny stars, to having to adjust my design several times, to wrestling this King Kong through my machine.
Scrappy binding.
And polka dots on the back.
Even worse was that it kept shifting while I was quilting. Maybe I had a bad batch of 505? I've not had that problem since I started using it. (Even worse was that I had to baste it like three times.)

Aside from the quilting troubles, I feel like the piecing and design are good.

B for effort on this one perhaps.

**There are still lots of things available from my instagram sale at in case you need a little shopping fun this holiday weekend. We are off to the 100 mile yard sale tomorrow with Jack in tow (that child cannot be left with any kind of babysitter right now due to VERY bad behavior, so he gets to hold my hand a lot right now, heh.)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Goodnight moon baby toddler quilt for Grant

Right now there is nothing more I would rather be doing on most any day besides quilting.  I have another 2 finished to show you and another two in the works. I think Goodnight moon was my 6th finish for 2015.

I was browsing the #thegreatfabricdestash on instagram one day and spotted some goodnight moon fabric. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but my wheels started immediately churning.  Whenever Grant is having a rough time sleeping we read Goodnight moon or play the goodnight Granty game. (I rock him forever and just repeat random lines from the book and then start saying goodnight to all of HIS things - so goodnight Sam, goodnight Jack, goodnight Oma, goodnight to his cookie monster, etc.)  This almost never fails to calm him down.

This quilt was my design. And I was so SO excited when I starting making it and it worked out exactly as I had planned! As soon as Grant saw the fabric he declared  it "the most beautiful quilt ever!" and "it's my quilt mommy? mine?"

Some quilts are a total joy to make and some a real labor of love, lol.


Fabrics - goodnight moon, orange dot Riley Blake, Grass is Juliana Horner for Joann, backing some random gray dot from Joann
Moon appliqued on, as are the window sashings (made with a very skinny vintage bias tape)
Rough edge applique details in the cat, the mouse, the goodnight moon sign above the door, the door window.
Design by me
Finished May, 2015
Made for my Ginty boy
Verdict - LOVE! math worked, piecing worked and was quick, execution of round applique is much improved, new quilting design in the stars was super fun