Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Around the house

Around here:

The kids are playing "doctor station" a lot.
Until this starts to happen.
I hung up more quilt tops as curtains, this time in my sewing room.

And yes, this is pretty much as clean as that space gets.  I LOVE being in what used to be my grandparent's dining room because it is right in the heart of the house. What I do not love is not having a closet in that room.

I did a HUGE clean out of our entire house before my in laws arrived and carted a truck load (and then some) of stuff to the Goodwill.  That included cleaning off a HUGE amount of fabric from my shelves (which is due to hit my etsy shop here as soon as I get it all photographed). So that green cabinet is still holding the overflow. :/
When Grant was a newborn I bought myself a new antique cast iron sink off Craigslist for the laundry room. We had one of those deep plastic modern laundry sinks and I hated that thing. I could NEVER get it clean. Sadly, my new sink sat in the garage for 18 months. One of the days my dad was here helping with my never ending roof saga he started installing it for me.

I LOVE it. It was a serious pain to make work with even a reproduction faucet* (lesson learned, you need parts from the old faucet to make it easy). I still need to decide if I want a skirt on it or to paint the outside (I am learning towards paint - blue). It needs other finessing stuff too - moving the towel bar, etc. But for now I am just happy it is up!
While I was going crazy fixing, cleaning and organizing ALL THE THINGS I finally replaced the play kitchen faucet too. The kids broke the plastic one off in short order. Jen (who does not get nearly enough credit for that play kitchen idea) helped me sort out that a wooden letter is the easiest way to replace those faucets after searching endlessly for a cheap, small real faucet (nowhere to be found).

*Those repro faucets are expensive and not easy to find. You aren't just going to walk into Lowes and pick one up, just in case you think you need an antique laundry sink. :-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello again Easter Bunny

Unlike Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and I do NOT have a great history. That rabbit is persnickety and prone to being late, taking odd breaks, and just generally being undependable.  If you have been reading here forever you might remember one year when Jack was three he spent two hours rolling on the floor of the mall because the bunny had car troubles or something and was not there as promised.


This year was pretty easy aside from having to rush like a maniac to get to the mall before 5 pm after Jack got off the bus. We literally RAN through the mall to arrive at like 4 56.

But it's all good. The kids are clean, we made it, they are sort of color coordinated, Grant did NOT scream, and that part of Easter is over again until next year!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

So another week has gone by without my sitting down once I think.

Dave's parents are here visiting and I was getting us ready all last week. Plus the kids were sick, the car broke down (twice), and Sammi tried to break her arm. It's never dull around here, eh?

I RAN to the flea market this morning before the big rain storm started. Everyone else was still sleeping and I know opportunity when I see it.

Man I love this piece of pottery. I never buy pots anymore because right now they are packed away, but green and faux bois and $2? SOLD.
Sammi has been playing with our plastic toy sewing machine a LOT lately. The price was crazy low on this one, so I took a chance. She has a long way to go before she is ready for a real needle, but maybe I will get lucky and it still works.
With Easter on my mind I picked up some glass egg cups.
I might be the only person with a collection of eye cups. They are weird but totally cool to this science girl.

I should be back to our regular schedule tomorrow. We have seen the Easter bunny, I have managed to sew all three of the kids stuffed rabbits while my in laws were visiting with Dave and we oh so close to taking the yearly bunny ear photos. Time flies!

Happy Sunday to you.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

Oh Dear.  This has not been a good few weeks around here. Our roof is just one problem after another. As in we have repaired it and repaired it and repaired it. Our basement was full of water this week. Samantha puked all over me downtown and I had to drive home - 35 minutes in the pouring rain - in only my bra. Just one constant problem after another really.

It's getting to us all. Everything is a mess, construction stuff is everywhere, the house is a complete disaster because Dave hasn't been able to help with the kids much because he is always working on the house. I haven't had ANY TIME to myself at all.

And my in laws are arriving in 5 days with sick kids and messes everywhere.

Donations of  Xanax now being accepted. LOLOL

I went to the flea this morning to recharge a bit. Have breakfast, have a wander, talk to my favorite old folks at the flea. It helped.

I bought a few things too.
A jadeite bowl. Maybe it's old,  maybe it's new, I don't know. But it's pretty and we have broken more than one mixing bowl this winter.
A big stack of red, white and blue quilt blocks. I am totally digging quilt tops as curtains right now, so when all this drama passes I will sew them together into a quilt and use them as another curtain.
An odd yellow block.
I love this mirror so much. Never mind the mess on our bed.
I thought I could replace the bathroom IKEA mirror and use this instead, but the top looks weird with the light fixture above my sink, so beside the bed it immediately went.
It is fussy and gold and gorgeous.
A little farm and noah's ark set in a bag for $2. The animals are about the size of a nickel. I have hidden it from my children. Ha.

And that's life over here this week. I MUST get the Easter decorations out, start sewing some Easter bunnies and do something other than manage disasters this week. Surely things will slow down a little, right?


Monday, March 31, 2014

The mouths of babes

I turned what was my tablecloth closet into a little house for the kids and hung a curtain over the doorway last week. Sammi likes to peek out of the curtain and say "see ya next time!"

This afternoon she was asking for a yogurt. She ran over and opened the fridge and discovered she couldn't reach the yogurt. "You're bigger and Daddy's bigger and Sammi needs to get bigger and bigger so I can get the yogurt!"

Last week I noticed she was counting to 13. "Sammi! You can count past 10." "Mommy! We do things at school - playing, singing, counting." D'oh to mommy, eh?

This morning at the mall we saw the Easter bunny sitting there all alone so we went over to have a little peek (we will have to go back for photos when we have Jack with us). Sam, in typical three year old fashion, was clutching ALL THE THINGS including a hairbrush, a play blow dryer, a sea shell, and some stickers. She quickly handed them over to me "mom, hold these" so she could wave hello and shake hands with the bunny.

My children call each other "newb" all the live long day. When she gets tired of it she will yell at Jackson "I AM NOT A NEWB! I AM SAMMI GIRL! YOU ARE JACKIE BOY! HE IS GRINTY BOY!"

My dad is trying to sell a truck so it's sitting in my driveway. It's driving Sam crazy. She asks me every day if "Uncle Christen" (aka Uncle Chris) is coming today to get that truck. She also quickly informed him that his new mustache "was ugly" and that he "needed to turn that loud music off right now it's breaking my ears."

And when I was singing Do you wannnnnna build a snowman, she informed me "there is no way we can build a snowman with no snow mom."

Bossy little corker, isn't she? :-)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flea Market Sundays

It was still so cold at the flea this morning I just wanted to scream and cry and have a tantrum.  It's almost April for goodness sake!

I picked up a few things anyway.
Another foil egg.
A feed sack.
A handmade crochet tablecloth with a big ugly stain. I am not sure what to do about it? I don't generally buy or wash this kind of stuff.

And a really awesome round mirror. But taking pictures of mirrors is IMPOSSIBLE and my foot hurts. Heh.

P.S. To celebrate 100 items in the Etsy shop the code TENOFF gets you 10% off orders of $5 or more through April 4, go shop since it's too cold for garage sales still! :-)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I asked my husband to

My husband's parents are coming to visit in two short weeks.

If you know me then you know that means we must FIX ALL THE THINGS we never bothered to fix in the last two years in the house before they arrive.

So I asked Dave to fix the bathroom ceiling. About two years ago the paint on our ceilings started falling off everywhere. (Only three years after we completely remodeled the house for goodness sake!)

Once he started scraping off the loose paint it was like there was no end to it. It just kept peeling off. Huge sheets of it.
In every.
I guess the upside is the bathroom ceiling looks great? LOL (Except we have a really poor taping job in several areas including that back bathroom wall, do not look closely.)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grant 18 months

 Ah, 18 months. You've arrived in a flurry of very curly (?) hair!
 I can *almost* taste having two much more independent little people. Half way to two!

Here we go!

Dear Grant,

At 18 months you are:
*INSANELY stubborn
*having temper tantrums
*obsessed with buttons, cords, electronics, phones, the hanger hook in the van, lights, light switches, outlets (lord let those child proofing things work for awhile), plugs, etc
*I am refusing to cut your hair. I do not know why, but I am, so you are a bit hippyish in the hair department.
* Walking and trying to run
*climbing into the fort and going down the slide
*my very best eater
*ahem, ALWAYS eating or asking for food
*Saying "want it" or "want that"
*Saying other things too - hi bye mom dad what why (but surprisingly not eat)
*trying very hard to be part of the sibling pack
*leery of anything new (even mommy with no glasses)
*only sleeping through the night about 60% of the time still (COME ON KID)
*Still having a bottle at bed time (Mom and dad are clearly slackers this time)
*a crazy ass hair puller (and yes you do it on purpose when you are mad)
*sporting a mouth full of teeth
*you chewed gum yesterday. Gum you found somewhere in the pantry. I looked over and you were all chewing it like "WHAT? Dude I chew gum all the time mom!"
*Still pretty huge, we see the doctor tomorrow for stats but I think at least 30 lbs and nearing 3 feet tall I imagine
*wearing a 2T and heading to a 3T quickly
*A mimicker - you will mimick anything
*a bath HATER, no water on the head thankyouverymuch
*becoming helpful - putting dishes in the sink, trash in the can, bringing me your shoes and your jacket, climbing into your car seat (but NEVER wanting to put the seatbelt on)
*A kisser! you make this lip smacking sound for kisses
*Always on the go, impossible to get a decent photo of
*halfway to two big years old!

My sweet, adorable, crazy, loud, intense, lovey baby boy.

Love you littlest dude,

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Under the big top

On Friday Jack came bounding into the kitchen asking if we could go to the circus while it was in town.

I debated for a bit. It wasn't in the budget, I am sort of iffy about circuses because of animal welfare, and I was not at all sure the little kids could sit for that.

In the end I decided why not? So off we went.

It's the Moolah Shrine circus. We used to always go to their parade with Jack but then they moved it to the dead of winter in March and it's way too cold to go now.

I have to say I was wildly impressed.
These bears are incredible. I mean a bear riding a bike? Yes please! (It took my human child 9 years to learn to do that!)
The bears also danced to gangnam style.
At intermission my kids were starting to get a little nuts. We decided to leave and we were on our way out the door when a shriner gifted us with tickets to a private suite. He said very kindly "it has a private bathroom and carpet and the kids can run around. It will help a lot."  So off we went to check it out. It was AWESOME. The kids were still crazy though. LOL
These two were quick change artists. They changed clothes like 400 times in the center ring. It was amazing. I still cannot sort out how she was doing it all. AND? Its the perfect job for Sammi! Sparkles and many outfit changes? Sign her up!
By now half the free world has heard about these lovely elephants. Later that afternoon they made a break for it. They walked out the loading dock door and smashed up some cars while trying to walk through the parking lot. (Not viciously I don't think, I think they are just huge and were trying to walk.)

They were allowed to rest the remainder of the time here.

I will say this - as an adult I was watching all the other stuff going on while people were performing. The sort of hidden men in black stuff - spreading sawdust on big cat pee, the moving of props, etc. I did NOT see this circus being in any way mean to those animals. In fact when the big cats didn't really seem very cooperative they just worked around it. I still have all sorts of mixed circus animal feelings though.
These motorcycle riders were also amazing. They crammed four riders going around and around in that little ball.
The finale is when this crazy dude lit himself on fire...
and was shot out of that big crossbow. That is a flaming him in the sky there. LOL

Under the big top was a LOT of fun and I won't hesitate to return next year. (When hopefully Grant and Sam are a bit better at sitting there.)

Monday, March 24, 2014


Look how much spinach I have eaten! LOL (I put the coke can there so you can judge the size of that bag.)

As part of our budget lock down I am working really hard to eat up every single thing we buy. This giant bag of spinach was at GFS for $3 (I know right?) and I ate nearly the entire thing by myself.


Busy week coming up here on the blog this week, hope to see you then.